Xonox Double-Ender: Spike's Peak and Ghost Manor Ad Blurbs (Atari 2600)

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    A Quantum Leap in Video Game Technology

    XONOX Double-Ender plugs in at both ends and contains two completely different game chips, each with 8K of memory. (Each end has twice the memory of most other game cartridges.) So with Double-Ender, it's a whole new game! Hi-res graphics. Multiple game screens. Challenging play action. Time clock tension. New surprises in each game. And a new game in each end! XONOX Double-Ender... twice the fun for the price of one!

    This Double-Ender cartridge comes with dust cover to protect the end not in use.

    Illustrations taken from actual games.


    You are Spike, climbing against time. Rather than following the safer way of the path, you may decide to climb the cliff instead... but such a decision will change your speed and your technique. Completing 5 different screens will take you to the top of the mountain, but beware of diving eagles, and hungry bears that hide in darkened caves. You must also watch for rock slides and slippery ice patches... they may send you sliding, perhaps into poisonous mountain cactus. The higher you climb, the colder you'll get. So hurry... before you freeze!


    You (either a girl or boy, your choice) stand in a lonely graveyard outside Ghost Manor. A friend is trapped inside. You must find a way to enter the Manor and rescue the prisoner through 5 game screens. But beware! Unfriendly ghosts lurk behind tombstones; witches and goblins haunt the entryway; and demons and ghastly spirits may attack at any moment. It's very dark. Only brief flashes of lightning aid your search for the magical coffin. Remember... finding your friends is only half the game. You must then find a safe way out. Ghoul luck!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Jun 25, 2007.