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A popular game back in the 2600 hey-day MagFram (43) 2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 2.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.2
Overall User Score (12 votes) 3.1

Critic Reviews

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Woodgrain Wonderland (Feb 25, 2019)
Coleco’s Zaxxon isn’t the best game ever, but it’s a respectable effort both as a standalone game and the best version of the original possible for the time and the hardware at hand.
The Video Game Critic (May 04, 2003)
Zaxxon was never meant to be played on the 2600, but Coleco did the best with what they had. Flawed by playable, there's really not another game like this on the 2600.
neXGam (Jun 27, 2013)
Ich war bisher immer der Meinung, dass eine Arcade-Portierung nicht zwingend dem Original entsprechen muss, um eigenständig ein guter Titel zu sein. Daher ging ich vollkommen unvoreingenommen an Zaxxon heran. Leider konnte das Spiel mich in wirklich keinem Punkt überzeugen. Sicher ist der Atari 2600 in seinen Möglichkeiten begrenzt, doch entschuldigt dies weder die dadurch bedingten Probleme, noch dass der Titel in fast allen anderen Punkten in den Sand gesetzt wurde. Sicher gab es zur damaligen Zeit Shoot'em Ups in Hülle und Fülle, wodurch vielleicht, vor allem durch den bekannten Namen Zaxxon, etwas Neues geboten werden sollte, doch wäre der Spieler hier mit etwas "normalerem" wahrscheinlich um Längen besser bedient gewesen.
By 1982 gamers expected -- and deserved to receive -- much more from Atari 2600 games. Companies like Imagic and Activision had shown everyone that the system, while primitive, was capable of an array of graphics and sounds more advanced than what everyone was used to from titles developed by Atari. Why didn't Sega figure that out too?
Zaxxon was a heralded game when it came out and deserves its share of respect for how it implemented 3-D graphics into the standard old-school arcade shooter format. This port does not deserve such respect. Coleco put some effort into making the game work, even if shown from a different perspective, but the limited hardware of the Atari 2600 just doomed this project from the beginning. It's choppy and chopped up, with formerly busy screens reduced to a tiny handful of obstacles. There's just no reason to play this game other than curiosity.
The Atari Times (Aug 09, 2002)
Fortunately, I doubt many people will play this awful title long enough to go insane. It's just too horrible to contend with for long. This title, honestly, looks about half finished. Coleco should have never tried to port Zaxxon to the 2600 if the company couldn't do any better than this. Perhaps Coleco just didn't care about the trash it floated out there for the 2600 and preferred to concentrate on titles for its own system, the ColecoVision. Stay away from this awful title. It will just frustrate you.

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