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Raze (Jan, 1991)
Planet Smashers is certainly up to scratch as far as playability is concerned. The aliens have some devious little moves, and the colour codes are often random, meaning you have to test all six colours three times each whilst saving the Earth, not easy. Worth a look.
The Atari Times (Oct 09, 2006)
Planet Smashers is an OK game but with better games in this genre you probably will only play this game if you pick it up for cheap or are a collector. But to the average gamer I suggest picking up Xevious for the 7800. The 7800 has many awesome titles and this simply isn't all that great.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 23, 2008)
Planet Smashers just goes on and on, long after the player has lost interest. Each stage ends with a forgettable boss, and if you're lucky he'll put you out of your misery. The Atari 7800 controller doesn't help matters. Constantly tapping that side button is awkward at best and painful at worst. It only takes five minutes to realize Atari didn't put any effort into this game whatsoever. Planet Smashers is hard to track down because it's so rare, but even ardent collectors should save themselves the aggravation.