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Agent USA Credits

13 people

Agent USA was created by Tom Snyder Productions, Inc., Cambridge, MA

Program AuthorsOmar H. Khudari, Thomas F. F. Snyder
Program GraphicsOmar H. Khudari, Peter H. Reynolds
Editorial DevelopmentKaren Whittredge, David A. Dockterman
IllustrationsPeter H. Reynolds
Play TestingDavid A. Dockterman
Music CompositionThomas F. F. Snyder
Music SupportChris A. Lutes Jr.
Project ManagementRichard D. Abrams

For Scholastic Wizware

Creative DirectorDeborah Kovacs
Editorial DirectionStephen Gass
Project EditorPhilip Miller
Art DirectorSandi Young
IllustrationKim Whitesides, Leo Pando

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (252778)