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The Video Game Critic (Mar 08, 2003)
Despite the 1983 technology, the game makes an admirable attempt at voice synthesis. The control scheme uses both a joystick and keyboard, which is awkward to say the least. You're better off with a second player manning the keyboard. Despite its primitive nature, Wolfenstein's attention to detail is commendable. For example, if you steal a guard's bullets, he can chase you - but can't shoot. And I appreciate how when you kill guards, they remain dead even when you re-enter the same room. But what really impressed me was the ability to save my place. Even using the 20-year-old 5 ¼ inch floppy, my game saved without a hitch. Castle Wolfenstein is a landmark video game, and if you can stomach the minimal graphics and awkward control, you're in for a good time.
This is a 2D action/adventure games with some great stealth elements bringing something new to the genre. While not impressive graphically it does have great sound and plays extremely well. If you are an A8 owner then this is a games you really should have in your collection, not just because it's a great piece of history and the start of the franchise but also because it's a very good games in its own right.
Arcade "classics," these products take the dungeon mentality and transfer it to World War II. Castle Wolfenstein postulates an escape from a Nazi castle, while Beyond Castle Wolfenstein offers infiltration of a Nazi fortress to assassinate Adolf Hitler. As serious as Pac-Man, its graphics are dated, but it remains in

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