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Advertising Blurbs

From back of book:
    The Federated Nations have collapsed. Lennon City-Tokyo, Feingrad, Nuevo Paris thunder with strife and violence. In Capitol City, seventy thousand crazed rioters storm the Washington Monument. As the weapons of oblivion assemble on the horizon, the long-feared apocalypse seems inevitable.

    The howling, demented crowd shrieks for action. Only Doctor Virgil understands the narrow, mysterious path to your civilization's survival. But Virgil desperately seeks a Mind Adventurer! Do you dare?


    An Electronic Novel’ picks up where the printed word leaves off.

    At Synapse, by combining the novel on the printed page with the dynamic technology of the computer, we have discovered a remarkable new entertainment experience: a fictional universe constantly changing, with you in the center of the action.

    How can I enter... AN ELECTRONIC NOVEL’?

    You leap from the first printed chapters in this book to the screen of your home computer. The adventure picks up on diskette, pulling you into an excitingly vivid, action-packed world. Your intuition and the choices you make determine what happens next, how the universe of the novel unfolds.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Apr 02, 2001.