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Montezuma's Revenge Screenshots (Atari 8-bit)

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Game start
Two ways to leave this screen
As long as you grab that key
Dodge the snake
A red key from here
Falling to my death
Jumped the snake, now down the ladder
On-off platforms here
Watch that bouncing skull
Another room
Those poles make me feel like a Ghostbuster
One mistimed jump is fatal here
Pedro in Hell (Famous Glitch in Level 1)
Montezuma's Treasury
Title screen
Red orb
Skull and snake
Riding the pipe
Heading down
Dancing with skull
Magma chamber
Moving path
Long ladder
Bouncing skulls
Ropes over fire
White key
Serpents den
Spider protecting the ladders
2 red stones
Red key
Spiders and chains
Unpleasant welcome
White key
3 red stones
Yellow key
3 swords
Into the darkness