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Rommel: Battles for Tobruk Credits


ResearchFrank A. Chadwick
DesignFrank A. Chadwick
Programming and Artificial IntelligenceWorlds to Conquer Inc.
World to Conquer Inc. (Programming)Steven Hokanson, Bernard K. Dehmelt
World to Conquer Inc. (Artificial Intelligence)Steven Hokanson, Bernard K. Dehmelt
DevelopmentJohn Harshman, Worlds to Conquer Inc.
PlaytestingStephen Ambruzs, Jerry Barker, Alan Chiras, Louis Desy, Arlon Harris, Gordon Larsen, Chris Many, William Neumann, Frank Snead
Art DirectorBarbie Pratt
Box Cover IllustratorDavid R. Deitrick

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (223104)