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TAC: Tactical Armor Command Credits

24 people (12 developers, 12 thanks)


Game DesignRalph H. Bosson
Cover ArtworkRodger B. MacGowan
Rules EditingMick Uhl
Paste-Up and Vehicle ArtCharles Kibler
TypesettingColonial Composition
Prep Dept.Elaine M. Adkins
ProductionMonarch Services
PlaytestersDavid Kuijt, Winchell Chung, Mick Uhl, Charles Kibler, George Bosson, Richard L. Porter, Morgan O'Brien

Author's Acknowlegements

Thanks tomy wife, Lynette, who more than once kissed me goodbye in the morning and then got out of bed to cook me dinner next morning., my brother, George Bosson, and friend, Richard L. Porter, who did not care how long it would take me to make a correction nor the sometimes verbal abuse they endured in their endless hours of playtesting., Morgan O'Brien, who methodically searched for the program bugs., Lew Dumond, my life-long wargame adversary who helped formulate the original concept of T.A.C.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (257498)