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PlayStation 2Game Shark (Dec 15, 2004)
Anyway, if you have any interest at all in classic gaming, Atari Anthology is a must-buy. Should the 85 games for less than 25 cents each not be enough to lure you, the historical materials certainly should. Remember, the Atari 2600 was the console that really started the home-video-gaming revolution, and (Boy, I know I’m going to get rapped in the mouth for this blasphemy by the purists!) though the Activision games were really better playing games for the console, Atari Anthology contains many of the first-party games that truly defined the system. Atari Anthology is also the first console software package to offer these games since they originally appeared on the 2600, so in a way it represents history itself. The arcade games also offer some of the best play experiences from the days when arcades were king. It’s a great package that should be in any serious gamer’s collection.
XboxRetro Gamer (Dec, 2004)
Over 80 Atari games for £20? You can’t really go wrong.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (Apr, 2004)
Atari brengt met deze 80 klassiekers de oude arcadehal bij je in huis. Veel van deze games ken je vast van horen zeggen en nu krijg je de kans om ze in hun aloude glorie te spelen. Deze cd-rom heeft een encyclopedische waarde die nog wordt vergroot door het video-interview met Nolan Bushnell, de oprichter van Atari, dat als bonusextra is toegevoegd.
PlayStation 2AceGamez (Apr 16, 2005)
It's difficult to put a dollar value on a title like Atari Anthology as, unlike many similar titles, it's all there. Nothing's been left out and a close inspection of the games on offer reveals a host of concepts we now take for granted but that can't have been anything less than genius at their point of conception. There are things that worked, like Atari Bowling and Tempest and there are things that didn't fare so well, such as Atari Football and Fun with Numbers, all displayed clearly and simply with gigantic pixels and very few colours. And I suppose that's what makes Atari Anthology so very black and white - those who remember the days of the rollerball and paddle controller and have a deep yearning to return could happily fork out ten to twenty quid for this, but anyone with less than a burning desire to revisit their youth may not feel that their reddies went in the right direction.
WindowsUOL Jogos (Jan 28, 2004)
"Atari 80 clássicos em Um" é um excelente pacote pelo seu valor. Apesar de não ser tão competente quanto a coletânea da Activision para PlayStation 2 e Game Boy Advance (cujos jogos, para muitos, também devem ser mais interessantes), os fãs do Atari não podem deixar esse pacote passar desapercebido.
XboxGameDaily (Dec 14, 2006)
And yet another retro collection hits store shelves, but this time from the grand masters of the industry in the 80's, Atari. Atari Anthology is their most expansive collection yet, packing 80+ games for the arcade and Atari 2600 in one nifty little $20 package. Not every game is a winner, as some selection and control issues get in the way. Still, this is a tremendous value with hours upon hours of replay, and it's a great history lesson for those who think everything began with Nintendo. A worthy purchase!
WindowsGamerDad (Apr 13, 2005)
If names such as “Missile Command” or “Super Breakout” strike a sentimental chord with you, then imagine carrying around 80 vintage Atari games on your laptop computer.
PlayStation 2IC-Games (Feb 26, 2005)
The people who will benefit the most from a collection like this will be the kids who played them all those years ago, or the curious younger gamer. Nostalgia is simply oozing out of the box and with the information sheets and pamphlets included on each game the retro gamer should be in heaven. Not all the games are classics, there are some turds thrown in and not all of them suit the Playstation 2 controller. But for a quick blast now and then you really do deserve to take the occasional trip down memory lane. It’s been a while after all.
XboxTeamXbox (Nov 22, 2004)
At twenty bucks, Atari Anthology will either seem like the deal of the century, or a complete waste of money, depending on the person asked. Younger gamers always ask us when compilations of Genesis and PS One games are coming out, so you can guess their reactions to a group of games that were the impetus for terms such as blocky graphics, clipping, and aliasing. Those who grew up playing these games and have forgotten how bad they look will be reminded, but will still enjoy the simplicity of the gameplay, coupled with a severe hand-eye coordination workout. If old-school and an appreciation of the past is in your blood, then you can’t go wrong with the great grandfather of compilations.
76 (Feb 11, 2005)
Atari Anthology certainly teaches gamers a few lessons, namely, how to create arcade classics, and how not to make console flops. While it's a good thing to finally have a compliation package that incorporates both worlds, I just wish a company with a better track record in both categories had handled it first.
WindowsDigital Entertainment News (den) (Jan 08, 2004)
The one problem I have with the package is the poor game selection screen. The use of a star field and division of the games into packages is ok, but the hard to start games and mediocre controls mean that it takes almost 2 minuets to get a game up and going from the start of the program on a P4 2.8ghz machine with 1GB of memory. Other then that, there is almost no fault I can find for this package and it is now a must have for all classic gamers out there. While emulators, such as MAME, have taken over a large section of this niche market, this package is the official game version and does show some differences as opposed to the emulated version of the same games. Not only that, but a lot of the harder to find games are now included in one package.
WindowsIGN (Jan 27, 2004)
Electronic games have come a hell of a long way in the past twenty-five years. To view modern day classics like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Warcraft III and realize that they arguably evolved from Adventure and Combat is enough to blow your mind. For gamers pushing thirty, Atari 80 is a window to the past and the essential anthology of Atari classics. For the uninitiated, 80 Classic Games could be the first course book in your self-education of "The History of Electronic Gaming." If "course book" isn't a phrase you want associated with your PC gaming, then pass on this compilation. But if you believe in video games as something more than a simple pastime, 80 Classic Games is a piece of history at a bargain price.
XboxXBox Front (Feb 28, 2005)
'Atari Anthology’ ist jedem zu empfehlen, der ein bisschen Videospielgeschichte nachholen möchte. Die 85 Spiele sind größtenteils gut ausgesucht, sodass nur wenige Graupen am Start sind. Die Portierung auf die Xbox ist ebenfalls ordentlich gelungen, nur kleinere Steuerungsprobleme und ein paar Flimmereinlagen stören das gute Gesamtbild. Wer mit der veralteten Technik leben kann, bekommt einiges an Retro-Flair serviert, das nur von den Originalen selbst übertroffen wird. Fans sollten einen Kauf unbedingt in Erwägung ziehen.
For $ 19.99 it certainly is worth the price as long as you remember the games are the way they were made and not enhanced versions. It was nice to be able to play some of the classics again. You can even look at other gamers' scores on Xbox Live. For those who love the older games this collection is great and worth adding to your Xbox collection. For those wanting to visit the old or "Retro" days of video games and may not be sure if they will enjoy the full experience, a rental may be best.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Jan 08, 2004)
Atari: 80 Classic Games in One does feature an incredible number of games for a budget price. Too bad about the various inaccuracies and quirks found in the translations of many of the better games. As such, this is a decent product, overall, but if you're looking to relive your gaming days of old and demand nothing less than perfection, you'd be better off finding another way to get a classic-gaming fix.
WindowsGameSpot (Jan 08, 2004)
Packed with 80 old games from the Atari canon and available at a budget price, Atari: 80 Classic Games in One is a great way to relive some of the high points of classic gaming. However, poorly implemented customization options and sometimes less-than-perfect emulation tarnish what would otherwise be an incredible trip down memory lane.
PlayStation 2Game Captain (May 14, 2005)
Mit 85 Spielen fällt die Atari Anthology auf den ersten Blick ziemlich umfangreich aus. Allerdings handelt es sich ausschließlich um Minispielchen. Solche Klassiker wie Breakout und Centipede üben auch heute noch einen gewissen Reiz aus – insbesondere für Punktejäger. Nicht so toll sind dagegen die zahlreichen Schrottspiele der Sammlung. Da hapert es überall – sei es die Grafik, der Sound, die Steuerung, der Umfang oder auch alles zusammen. Nostalgiker und Spielhistoriker kommen sicher trotzdem auf ihre Kosten.
XboxGame Captain (May 14, 2005)
Mit 85 Spielen fällt die Atari Anthology auf den ersten Blick ziemlich umfangreich aus. Allerdings handelt es sich ausschließlich um Minispielchen. Solche Klassiker wie Breakout und Centipede üben auch heute noch einen gewissen Reiz aus – insbesondere für Punktejäger. Nicht so toll sind dagegen die zahlreichen Schrottspiele der Sammlung. Da hapert es überall – sei es die Grafik, der Sound, die Steuerung, der Umfang oder auch alles zusammen. Nostalgiker und Spielhistoriker kommen sicher trotzdem auf ihre Kosten.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Mar 31, 2004)
Verzamelaars kunnen nog wel genieten van de klassieke arcade games en de leuke extra's. Enkel voor wie een nostalgietrip ziet zitten.
60 (UK) (Jan 26, 2005)
Ultimately, Atari Anthology is one of those packages which only people who were there at the time and owned one should realistically bother with, unless you're feeling incredibly curious about how this thing we call videogaming all began. Gamers under about the age of 25 will frankly be utterly amazed at how basic things were back then, while those old enough to have owned (and who knows, maybe loved) a 2600, or hung around the arcades will have a few hours of curiosity sated before moving well and truly on. It's certainly worth looking at on the basis of some seminal arcade originals (if you're not willing to faff around with emulators), but the 2600 catalogue is something even ardent retro fetishes would struggle to see the value in these days, but when you're talking about pence per game, it's hard to knock it.
XboxX-Power (Feb 27, 2005)
Mijn advies is daarom, om de game gewoon links laten te liggen. Heb je eens 20 euro te veel op zak of wil je echt eens van de echte klassieke games proeven, kan je deze titel gerust in huis halen, maar over het algemeen zal hij vrij vlug net zoals de oude Atari op zolder in de kast een hele resem stof verzamelen om binnen 50 jaar in onze nieuwste XBOX te pluggen en als trotse bompa, de geschiedenis van de videogames aan onze kleinkinderen uit te leggen.
PlayStation 2Console Obsession (Oct 10, 2005)
Atari Anthology is a decent collection, but you have got to be really into retro gaming to get anything out of it. The disc has quite a large number of games that we will continually return to, but even more that we just couldn't care less about. To sum it up, it's a rather mixed collection of memories and junk for a bargain price then.
PlayStation 2Thunderbolt Games (Mar 28, 2005)
But just because these titles ruled the world over 20 years ago, it doesn't mean we should have to play them again. For full-on nostalgia fans or video game historians, this is a must purchase, hence the reasonably generous score below. For the rest of us, however, why not try this site instead - you get to play crap arcade games but you don't have to pay for them...
PlayStation 2IGN (Nov 29, 2004)
Any way you cut it, 20 bucks for 85 games is a pretty damn good deal. But it's more quantity over quality in this package, as the development team just scattered all of this good stuff into an unorganized mess of a classic compilation. The old-school games deserve more respect than they're given here in Atari Anthology. As much history as these games can offer, this collection isn't any more organized than what you'd see in a storage box of cartridges found at a garage sale.
PlayStation 2Boomtown (Apr 06, 2005)
After playing these games for what feels like an unholy amount of time (even just in the past week) I have to wonder what it is with all of the retro feel that games companies are instigating merely to show off their back catalogue.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Jun 22, 2004)
Fortschritt der Technik: Wo früher emsige Sammler ganze Regalwände für ihre liebsten Spieleklassiker frei räumten, reicht heute eine einzige DVD. Traditionshersteller Atari presst so sage und schreibe 80 Arcade-Klassiker aus der eigenen Firmengeschichte auf einen einzigen kleinen Silberling.