Atari: Anniversary Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Nolan Bushnell interview
Asteroids game options menu
Asteroids (the vector games can run at high resolutions)
Asteroids - UFO
Asteroids Deluxe
Asteroids Deluxe - UFO
Asteroids Deluxe - A new enemy
Battlezone - Exploding a tank.
Battlezone - Death screen
Battlezone with enhanced graphics
Battlezone - Incoming missile
Black Widow
Black Widow - Level selection
Black Widow - First wave
Black Widow - Boss
Black Widow - High scores
Centipede - Game start
Gravitar - Game start
Gravitar - One of the planets
Gravitar - Rough terrain
Gravitar - Fighting a saucer.
Gravitar - Reactor
Missile Command
Missile Command - Level statistics
Missile Command - Plane
Missile Command - Game over
Space Duel
Space Duel - Game selection
Space Duel - Game start
Space Duel - Bonus stage
Space Duel - Another level
Super Breakout
Tempest - Level selection
Tempest Tubes - Changing levels.
Tempest Tubes - Third level
Tempest Tubes - Fourth level
Tempest Tubes - Fifth level
Tempest Tubes - Sixth level
Tempest Tubes - High scores
Tempest - Third level
Tempest - Fifth level
Tempest - Sixth level
Warlords - Background off

Windows version

Main menu for Volume 1.
Main menu for Volume 2.
Volume 1 archives, viewing an interview with Nolan Bushnell.
Volume 2 archives, viewing a thumbnail of an advertisment for Battlezone.
Asteroids Deluxe in "classic" mode with cabinet art.
Gravitar in "classic" mode with cabinet art.
Warlords in "enhanced" mode without cabinet art.
Tempest running in "enhanced" mode (Tempest Tubes) with cabinet art.
Battlezone in "enhanced" mode with cabinet art.
Millipede in "classic" mode without cabinet art. That's my high score on the left. :)
Cristal Castles !
Asteroids high score !