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atari missile command
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ST Format (Mar, 1992)
Overall, Advantage Tennis has to be one of the best games of its kind. If you can bear with the dreadful three disk accessing system and quickly click through the boring selection nonsense, you'll be pleased with the realism of the game itself. Love, love me do, as they say on court.
Atari ST User (Feb, 1992)
Graphics are bound to be crap, right? It's a dead cert. Badly animated stick men. I betcha. Lo and behold! They are stick men! This was the one, I had it now. I readied myself to the killer blow, and then realised that although the graphics were stick men, they were amazingly well animated. The stomped on the ground in rage, they juggled their rackets, they jumped all over the place, basically. Snarl. And just when I thought I could rely on the good ol' ST sound chip to produce some embarrassing bleeps and farts, out comes a reasonable tune, some sampled speech and some truly great "ker-knock" tennis ball effects. Damn. I had to admit defeat. I enjoyed playing it.
In punkto Schnelligkeit kommt der ST mit den fixen PCs zwar nicht ganz mit, doch die Animation ist ausreichend. Kopfsch├╝ttelnd mu├č jedoch zur Kenntnis genommen werden, da├č sich die Stickabfrage nur mit Verz├Âgerung auf die Bewegungen der Spielfigur auswirkt. Ein dummer Fehler, denn dadurch reduziert sich der Spielspa├č nicht unbetr├Ąchtlich.

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