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Chiki Chiki Boys Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Enter a name with three letters.
Which level do you want to play first?
Let's start on land.
A mid-boss
The first cave level
You need to hack off this bosses arms.
Round clear screen
You meet a god(dess) at the end of each of the first three levels.
A clamp is blocking the way.
Nasty currents around here
This boss is accompanied by many small enemies.
Air level
The air level's mid-boss
That's what they always say: just testin' you...
Two-headed dragon
This stage scrolls vertically.
In the jungle
You even get burned in ice caverns...
...especially with a mid-boss like this.
Vicious shadow figures in the background
Another mid-boss
Isn't it a little bit too we for scorpions in this environment?