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Clogged Up Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Intro picture
Main menu
Single player game: the clog has a white border, the exit is in a straight line to the right
You can move the stones only in their orientation, so e.g. green only left and right, yellow only up and down
Quite obvious, isn't it?
In the top left corner the amount of moves used in this level is displayed. "Loscore" is the current "high-score" (the lower the better) and "Helps" is the amount of hints available
For each level in each world the minimum amount of used moves required to clear the level is saved
The game tracks the success or failure of your gaming session quite detailed
Each level/world finished is unlocked and can later be chosen directly
Phase 1: Shuffle phase. Each player tries to make the board as complicated as possible
Phase 2: the boards are exchanged and the player solving the board position set up by the opponent faster wins the round
After finishing world 1 the story is told a bit further
Single player: world 2 features an Atari theme