Code-Name: Iceman Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Looks like paradise
This is where you start
Trying to talk to the man
Ah, they have a dress code here
In the lobby
Getting my room key from the receptionist
In the bar
Can't go that way
I drowned
The name is Bond... James Bond... Opps, wrong story!
Desk clerk.
Dancing with Stacy.
Falling in love with Stacy.
Stacy's cabin.
Outside cabins.
Checking out the closet in your cabin.
Flying to Washington.
Dulles Airport.
The Pentagon.
Inside the Pentagon.
Halls of the Pentagon.
Your mission: If you decide to accept it - Team up with a cute chick and kick terrorist behind Cool, huh?
Getting ready to board a Navy sub.
Onboard the sub.
At the controls of the sub.