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Conqueror Reviews (Atari ST)

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On the graphics front there is little to distinguish this version with that for the Amiga. The sound though is quite a bit thinner and unconvincing. Where the ST really scores is on speed. The Amiga can't make use of its graphics hardware for 3D graphics, and the ST therefore has a slight edge.
ST Format (Apr, 1990)
With everyone else struggling to make games more and more realistic and super-fast, finding something both unremittingly addictive and graphically original is rare. Conqueror has both these qualities in abundance and deserves immense success because of them.
The Amiga version was ported across from the ST version, so there aren't any differences apart from a marginally faster frame update.
The One (Apr, 1990)
On the whole though, the gameplay more than compensates for these chinks in Conqueror's armour. The three types of mission are absorbing and draw on genuinely different types of skill. As computer controlled opponents have three different overall tactics and a degree of artificial intelligence, the strategy sections should work out differently every time. Tank simulation purists might winkle their noses, but everyone else is in for plenty of sophisticated fun.
Conqueror's big fault is its awkward controls; nine keys or four keys plus mouse for turret aiming/firing. It's best for a friend to be at the mouse and stick to the steering yourself, but the solo gamesplayer's in for a testing time. The strategy elements are nothing complex but increase lasting appearance. Conqueror is a relatively ordinary release but still worthy of purchase.
Zero (Mar, 1990)
Strategy games are great. Arcade games are great. Strategy/arcade games are greater. Conqueror has tried to make an effort to combine these lovely genres, but the resulting strategy is too unwieldy, and there's no happy balance between the two. There's not enough to satisfy either types of gameplayer. A prime objective like an enemy base to invade, or a variety of opponents (things like planes, helicopters or ground troops for instance) would have made a more interesting and playable game.
Power Play (Feb, 1990)
Was ist das: Es hat 3D-Grafik, gab's bisher nur für den Archimedes-Computer, hat eine frustrierende Steuerung und macht trotzdem Spaß? Falsch - es ist nicht "Virus", sondern das Nachfolge-Programm namens "Conqueror", das endlich auch für andere Computer-Systeme erschienen ist.
Die ST-Version ist handlicher zu steuern, hat aber einen etwas kleineren „Spielplatz“. Ansonsten kann man die Grafik und die Animation nur loben. Der Titel-Sound ist zwar ein gesampleter, aber von guter Qualität. Man darf gespannt sein, wie sich CONQUEROR auf dem Markt durchsetzt!