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Double Bobble 2000 Credits (Atari ST)

Double Bobble 2000 Atari ST Title screen


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Double Bobble 2000 Credits


CodeLeon O'Reilly (as Mr Pink)
GraphicsNice Guy Eddie, Kevin Dempsey (as Sparehead 3), Nathasha Lomas (as Ripley)
MusicKevin Dempsey (as Sparehead 3)
Sampling (using the excellent Graoumf tracker and Pro-Tracker)Kevin Dempsey (as Sparehead 3), Leon O'Reilly (as Mr Pink), Nathasha Lomas (as Ripley)
DSP ReplayDavid Tattersall (as TAT of Digital Chaos)
Level DesignNathasha Lomas (as Ripley)
Intro GraphicsKevin Dempsey (as Sparehead 3)
SpritesNathasha Lomas (as Ripley)
Additional SpritesKevin Dempsey (as Sparehead 3)
Background GraphicsKevin Dempsey (as Sparehead 3), Nathasha Lomas (as Ripley)
Copyright (c) 1993Reservoir Gods
Greetings fly out toFrank Kurpiela (as Stallion/Aura), Michael Wiegers (as Jet/Avena), Martin Friedel (Fried/Avena), Kay Tennemann (Agent T/Cream), Sietse Postma (as Slimer/DBA), Anders Eriksson (as Evail/Dead Hackers Society), David Tattersall (as TAT of Digital Chaos), Michel Chabroux (as Mick/DNT Crew), Sylvain Langlade (as Nullos/DNT Crew), E. K. O., David Delattre (as Flan/Exa), Skynet/Fatal Design, Fog / Factt, Havoc/Giants, Ruben Waitz (as Corsair/Skynet), Guillaume Nichols (as Nitrik/Hydroxid), Ralph Lovesy (Impact Software), Impulse, Independent, Kai Jourdan (as Questor/Inter), Christian Pick (as Lucky/Inter), Daniel Bühler (as Dan/Lazer), Harald Riegler (as Harald/Lazer), Martina/Lazer , Chris Ian Holland (as CIH/Maggie Team), Megabusters, MJJ Productions, Jürgen Bäckmann (as Dragon/New Trend), Andreas Pataki (Lig Lury/New Trend), Carnera (New Power Generation), Chris/Passion, Genie/PB Productions, Psychosis, Stefan Kimmlingen (as Tyrem/Respectables), Senior Dads, Richard Karsmakers (ST News), Therapy, TSCC

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jo ST (24071)