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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed -
Overall User Score (10 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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ST Action (Mar, 1993)
With Elite II on the horizon there's bound to be renewed interest in this ancient classic. Still the greatest game of all time.
Dieses Spiel wird jeden begeistern, der sich auch nur im entferntesten für Strategie- oder Actionspiele interessiert, denn ELITE bietet für jeden was und zeigt eindrucksvoll, wie intelligent Computerspiele sein können. Toll!
ST Action (Dec, 1993)
[Sci-Fi roundup] Featuring filled vector graphic, space dogfights and risk-taking strategy, Elite is a nebulae of excitement and an undoubted classic.
The basic format is still the same - and as wonderful as ever. It's got much more competition these days and no longer looks leading edge in terms of gameplay or programming, but it still has the essential addictive ingredients of a great game.
Atari ST User (Nov, 1988)
What a brilliant game. l loved the 3D wireframe version on the old BBC Micro, but this 3D solid version is stunning. The controls are the same and l was immediately at home, trading, blasting, baiting the police and generally living the life of a pirate among the star systems. This classic game must be on everyone 's Christmas shopping list. Don't miss it.
Elite avancierte dank seines komplexen und hochmotivierenden Spielprinzips schon bei der Erstveröffentlichung vor vielen Jahren (C 64) zum Kultspiel, die grafisch konsequent überarbeitete 16 Bit-Version konnte den Erfolg nochmals wiederholen. Das Programm ist zu Recht ein (bisher unerreichtes) Vorbild für eine ganze Generation von Computer-Garnes und darf in keiner Software-Sammlung fehlen!
The One (Nov, 1988)
These minor faults aside, Elite on the ST represents a competent implementation of a timeless concept. Despite lacking many of the refinements present in Gremlin's FOFT, such as being able to land on some of the planets, Elite remains almost as playable. But it's FOFT that narrowly has the edge on its classic counterpart.
Power Play (Dec, 1988)
Elite war schon immer der Klassiker der Software-Branche, ein Programm, von dem man immer nur in Ehrfurcht sprach. Bis heute ist es eines der komplexesten 8-Bit-Spiele – über 2000 verschiedene Planeten sprechen für sich. Die ST- und Amiga-Umsetzungen sind spielerisch dem Original fast identisch nachempfunden. Die Programmierer haben lediglich ein paar neue Spezial-Missionen hinzugefügt. Technisch hat sich aber vieles verbessert: Bunte, ausgefüllte und dennoch flotte 3D-Grafik macht den Flug durch die Galaxis um Klassen schöner als auf dem C 64. Außerdem haben die Programmierer den 16-Bit-Versionen eine flotte Benutzerführung verpaßt, die mit gut gezeichneten Bildchen und einprägsamen Menüs den Griff zum Handbuch fast überflüssig macht. Das 60 Seiten starke, toll geschriebene Handbuch ist übrigens in Deutsch. Wer sich Weihnachten nur ein einziges Spiel für ST oder Amiga kaufen will, sollte zuerst einmal an "Elite" denken - dieses Programm wird Sie auch noch Ostern in Atem halten.
Despite graphic alterations, the game itself has undergone little change. Five missions have been incorporated, a new item of equipment - Retro Rockets - can be bought and a radar magnification option is given. Apart from these extras, the program structure is similar to the original BBC game. This may disappoint those veteran "Elitists" who were expecting more on the ST, but the games strength lies in its long term appeal and flexibility of play.
The ST version of Elite is excellent, and boasts superb presentation, fast and smooth gameplay, great graphics and five new missions. Purists will be pleased to know that none of the basic 8-bit gameplay has been changed, and the action is even more enthralling than the original versions. Trading and fighting is a highly enjoyable experience, although the going does get occasionally tedious when you can't use the jump drive due to the presence of other craft. This results in the player having to locate the space station manually, which can take over a quarter of an hour! Another gripe is that the sound is rather feeble - I'm sure the effects could have been a little more meaty. That aside, Elite has enough depth to keep budding space traders engrossed for many months.
ST Action (Nov, 1988)
How on earth do I sum up a game as big and as impressive as Elite in a hundred or so words? Easily – just use that old reviewer's cop-out cliché: ”buy it!” The graphics have been brought right up to date; with some of the fastest filled objects ever, and the sound also is well done. With the five missions the task ahead is long and hard, and it is not a game you can just pick up and get straight into. Time must be spent reading the instructions and getting used to the controls, but it will be worth it. Although twenty-five quid is an above average price for an ST game, it will be a wise investment, as Elite is a very above-average computer game!
ST/Amiga Format (Nov, 1988)
You can't help feeling a sense of nostalgia as Elite boots up and you scan the galaxy for the best deal to be had. If you've never played it before then it's worth buying just to find out what you've been missing all these years. Otherwise it's time to move on.
Interstellar trade and combat with two thousand planets in eight galaxies, Elite used wire frame graphics to depict space flight. Its popularity was largely a result of being one of the first space games with a "large" universe to explore.