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ST Format (Nov, 1991)
Play Exile for hours and you only scratch the surface, but you always make enough progress to want to carry on and get just a little bit further. Buy this game and you may not want another until next Christmas.
The playing area is vast, but fortunately it's not so bland that everywhere looks the same and you're constantly getting lost. As for the puzzles, they're equally varied, unusual and clever which makes Exile more interesting to play than many other games like it. What's also refreshing is that the game isn't all blasting robots, and most of the problems are caused by the planet's odd natural lifeforms - the doves and imps are particularly annoying. Arcade adventure fans are getting an awful lot of game for their money here, and you normals needn't be fooled by Exile's apparent ugliness - it's a game of unusual depth which, will keep anyone occupied for months to come. Well done, Audiogenic!
Exile is a good long-term blast - good thing too, as learning to control the main character is a battle in itself.
Power Play (Feb, 1992)
Jeremy Smith's Gravitations-Spektakel macht auch auf dem ST eine prima Figur. Spielerisch federleicht steuert Ihr den kleinen Pixelastronauten durch die schöne und extrem detaillierte Landschaft.