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CRAZY CARS II ist ein interessantes, technisch gut gemachtes Programm, das so manch andere Rennsport-Simulation in den Schatten stellt. Ein Game, an dem man viel Freude hat. Dauerhaft!
The time limit is tight and more traffic on the roads would have been nice, but Crazy Cars II two is a vast improvement on its predecessor and wonderfully compelling to complete.
Movement of road and cars is smooth and realistic, which - combined with the authentic road layouts - helps to establish a wholly believable environment. The only criticisms are overly-sensitive control and lack of any real variation in the journey; perhaps it simulates freeway driving a little too well!
ST/Amiga Format (Mar, 1989)
A few more levels than the allotted four would have made the game better since the map gives a very clear indication of the correct route. It's almost too easy to succeed. However, it's an addictive game and only the imminent release of US Gold's Outrun Europe looks to upset its chances at a top-ten slot.
Oldies Rising (Aug 24, 2010)
Crazy Cars 2 est un jeu bénéficiant d'une réalisation correcte et doté d'un système d'itinéraires original. Cependant, la jouabilité un peu trop sensible ne permet pas de tout contrôler et nous fait vite partir dans le décor, cela s'ajoutant à la partie musicale quasiment inexistante pour faire ressentir une certaine frustration au joueur. Pour autant, il ne s'agit pas d'un mauvais jeu si l'on est prêt à lui accorder un peu de temps. Tout possesseur d'Atari ST se doit de l'essayer au moins une fois.
Atari ST User (Apr, 1989)
Crazy Cars has more simplistic graphics with a fairly static backdrop, but the scrolling of the road, verges, milestones and telegraph poles is stunningly realistic. You actually feel the crunch before you crash either to glance off with a puff of smoke or see yourself obliterated.
Utanpå asken berättas med stora bokstäver att detta är fortsättningen på historiens mest uppskattade dataspel... det vill säga Crazy Cars 1...
The One (Mar, 1989)
Other cars on the road drive right over you as if you weren't even there, and the car explodes even though you've not hit anything... aaargh! There's no sensation of speed, and even at the top whack of 327 mph, the car only seems to be trundling along. To cap it all, the sound consists of nothing better than a grating engine sound and unrealistic white noise explosions. Come on Titus, get into gear.
Power Play (Mar, 1989)
Die Programmierer haben beim Spieldesign voll ausgekuppelt: Auf den Strecken passiert nichts, was interessieren könnte. Schade um die gute Grafik, spielerisch ist‘s knapp vor dem Totalschaden.
ST Format (Mar, 1993)
[Budget re-release] The biggest problem with Crazy Cars 2 is the ridiculously sensitive control method. It's sort of like Hard Drivin’ with power steering - you just have to wink suggestively at the mouse to get your car swerving all over the place. Crazy Cars 2 is one of those games that firmly believes in blowing you up when you crash. It's almost tolerable for a couple of minutes. If you struggle past that little problem, though, you've still got to master the tiny but vital dashboard readouts that tell you which road to take and pretty crucial information like that. Oh, and if you do come across a police car and manage to disable it, we'd love to know how.