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Fantasy World Dizzy Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen.
The castle dungeon.
Smuggler's hideout.
The entrance hall.
Moat and portcullis.
The west wing of the castle.
Talking with Denzil.
Your inventory.
The attic.
Avoid the bird or you will be killed.
Raise the water level by throwing heavy boulders into river.
The snap happy gator.
The wide-eyed dragon.
The warehouse.
Looking out to sea.
Talking with Dozy.
You must find a way to open this well.
The smelly allotment.
Talking with Denzil.
Base of the volcano.
The dragon's lair.
The lift control hut.
Denizl's house.
Grand Dizzy is waiting for his hero.
Going down...
A strange new world.
The market square.
The church.