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Fanwor: The Legend of Gemda Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen (Original version 1.01 - 1999, TT Low resolution 320x480x256 Colors). The game is running in a Window of a GEM application
Found a dungeon entrance
A bridge
Title screen (Version 1.12, 2000, TT Mid resolution - 640x480x16 colors)
Sound options: music is not activated by default
Most rooms have more than one exit
The skulls can, like other flying enemies, cross stones
I cannot cross the river at this screen as it seems
After some more screens, I found a bridge!
Passing through the forest, the landscape becomes...
... made of rocks. With stairs. There must be a dungeon somewhere!
I better enter quick
The dungeon is populated with snakes, skeletons and more dark creatures
Deep under the earth, there is the first Gem!
Taking the Gem I am fully healed and maximum health is increased to 30 now