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Fate Master Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Introduction (1): the Alliance consulting
Introduction (2): a message from Tafoi
Tsin-Fei is beamed down on the surface of the planet
Inspecting the stats. Entering a menu the players characters starts to smoke
A room with an enemy: it's a Rubble Scooper!
On contact the game flips to the fighting screen with action menu, stats and fighting log
Each turn you can decide which weapon to use on contact. Grenades do enormous damage, but are one-time use
Finally defeated the attacker
Some NPCs are still alive. They give you quests, sell stuff or give you information
I have to find a key first before entering the rebel headquarter
After a fight the character received a level-up. Stats are increased automatically. This level, the defence is increased
A spooky finding...
Found a new weapon! Very nice (it makes more damage than the basic pistol)
A massacre took place in the rebel headquarter. But there is still someone alive and also some dynamite can be collected
One of those two is a traitor!
Entering the tunnels below the building
I would have better avoided the fight with only 2 hitspoints left...
The result... Luckily games can be saved!