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Foundations Waste Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title picture
The escape begins
Nice they have some grass planted beside the big guns
Collected the blue power-shot and the shield is also active
The seeking bombs take out some flying vessels
Some halls with tanks inside must be destroyed first before the tanks are destroyable. Of course they are firing from inside all the time...
Collected the fighting drone. It shoots constantly and moves inverted to the player's ship (player to the right = drone to the left)
Sadly the drone is strictly time limited -- but very effective as these destroyed gun mounts proof
First half of the end-of-level guardian
Luckily the boss monsters can be passed and must not be destroyed
Some bigger tanks and some blue, flying ... things say hello in level 2
Some larger flying things!
Intermediate boss
Wreck some havoc on the parking space of the guards
Game over