Gold Rush! Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Intro shot
The MacNeil Brothers and Sierra present...
A great American hero...
Animated intro.
Title screen.
Start of the game in Brooklyn, New York.
In front of my house.
In my house.
Walking around the neighborhood.
Streets of Brooklyn.
Inside of the post office.
Outside the bank.
Inside of the bank.
Outside of some stores.
In the hardware store.
In the food store.
At the state couch company.
Outside of a livery.
At the newspaper building. This is where you work.
At the docks.
A poster.
Leaving New York harbor for Panama aboard a ship.
Traveling the world.
The jungles of Panama.
Natives attack you!
Going through the jungle on foot.
A river in the jungle.
Panama City.
Sutter's Fort.
A coral in Sutter's Fort.
Inside of Sutter's fort.
Mules in the fort.
A small graveyard outside of the fort.
California countryside.
Sutter's mill.
A small town.
Outside of a local hotel.
Hotel lobby.
Hotel hallway.