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The One (Aug, 1990)
A beautiful balance of physical and mental dexterity has been struck, so while you may be the most skilled rope-jumper there is, it's all useless unless you have a clear idea of the route you need to follow - and vice versa. Some screens are so devious that the way you play them has to be near-perfect - there's almost no margin for error here. And even when you get the required techniques off to a tee, the 50 screens should ensure that you are in labour for some time to come.
[Budget re-release] There are three modes to choose from. Trainer mode has four screens for beginners to ease you into the game. Wimp mode has all 12 levels but you're given nine lives and the choice to play and re-play any level until you complete it. Hero mode is the real thing, 12 levels picked at random and only five lives at your disposal.
But while the game admits to being difficult, and at first play seems totally impossible, it isn't, and you gradually learn which platforms or vines are likely to burst into flame or disappear when you step on them, it drives you mad, definitely, but what makes things worse is the fact you coming back for more so by the end of half an hour, your loved ones will be doing up the straps on the strait jacket and hiding all the steak knives. Not for the faint-hearted, but if you want a real challenge - and I mean a real challenge - buy it.
ST Format (Sep, 1990)
You have to be a serious masochist to want to tackle this one, but it's an absorbing challenge and if you end up a psychotic wreck from over exposure to manic gameplay, at least you'll have interesting stories for the psychiatrist's couch. "There's this little tiny chick jumping over fireballs and..."
Das Spielprinzip erinnert verteufelt an den guten, alten Manic Miner, der vor rund sieben Jahren in ähnlicher Art und Weise sein Unwesen trieb. Seitdem scheint sich auch nicht sonderlich viel geändert zu haben, denn Yolanda bietet - ganz der Klassiker - winzige Sprites vor sparsamen Backgrounds, lustige Sounds nebst gefühlvollen bis mißratenen Animationen - und das war‘s auch schon. Wer darüber hinaus noch ein wenig Pfiff erwartet, wird von Yolanda schwer enttäuscht werden. Geboten wird lediglich Kurzzeit-Action mit Kurzzeitmotivation. Ach ja, noch was: Manic Miner war echt besser...
Just as well because it's a sound you hear very often. Stay too long on the same platform, it bursts into flames: death. Jump onto the wrong platform, it burst into flames: death. Mistime a jump, land on a wiggling spider: death. You die a lot In this game - which wouldn't be too disastrous but both graphics and sound are highly outdated. Gameplay is ancient platform which really says it all.
Power Play (Dec, 1990)
Steve Bak mutet uns wieder einmal einiges zu: In "Yolanda" gilt es, ein spärlich bekleidetes, ebenso spärlich animiertes Mädchen durch gut 50 Bildschirme (repräsentieren angeblich zwölf Heldentaten des Herkules) mit brüchigen Plattformen und paralysierten Monstern zu führen. Das laut Hersteller "schwierigste Plattformspiel aller Zeiten" wurde zwar mit einer uninspirierten Zwei-Spieler-Option und (glücklicherweise) einzigartiger "Random Level Selection", nicht jedoch mit ansprechender Grafik und Soundeffekten ausgestattet. Zudem verendet die Heldin leider meist noch, bevor man überhaupt reagieren kann.