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Advertising Blurbs

Unknown Source:
    The Americans want her. The Russians want her back. The most incredible chase in history is on...

    Silently, beneath the chil of Atlantic waters, Russia's ultra-secret missle submarine, the Red October, is heading west.

    Red October is the latest Soviet nuclear ballistic missle submarine. Armed with 26 SS-N-20 Seahawk missles, it is capable of destroying 200 cities. It is also the first Soviet submarine equipped with the unique Caterpiller propulsion system making detection nearly impossible.

    In this simulation, you are Captain First Rank Marko Ramius, Commander of the Red October. Your mission is to reach the United States of America -- TO DEFECT!

    Your first challenge is to negotiate the Reykjanes Ridge, off the Icelandic coast, evading the Soviet Red Banner Fleet pursuing you. Once into the Atlantic, you must successfully rendezvous with the US Navy and feign the destruction of Red October. Your crew is not aware of the defection but the Soviet Navy is. Its objective is to stop you -- at any cost!

    Ahead are many dangers and challenges. To succeed requires all the skill and cunning of the greatest submariner in the Soviet Navy. You ahve fill control on screen of sonar; the unique Caterpillar drive system; attack and search periscopes; torpedoes and more...

    Discovery results in confrontation with the most powerful fleet in the world. When to attack? When to hide? When to run? The judgement is yours!

    Contributed by Trixter (9122) on Aug 22, 2000.