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Impossible Mission II has plenty of challenge and, in translation, has kept the addictive qualities of the original game making it an excellent product.
Wer schon damals nächtelang vor Impossible Mission I hing, um endlich den fiesen E.A. niederzumachen, der wird vom zweiten Teil mit Sicherheit ebenso begeistert sein. Das Spielkonzept hat sich zwar um keinen Deut geändert, dafür ist aber auch die Ausführung rundum gelungen, so daß das Game viel Spaß macht. IMPOSSIBLE MISSION II bleibt nämlich jederzeit spannend und ist so intelligent aufgebaut, daß neben den Action-Fans auch die Strategie-Begeisterten voll auf ihre Kosten kommen. Außerdem: Viele Spiele und Spielkonzepte erleben Legionen von Nachfolgern, und da war ein zweiter Teil eines solchen Klassikers wie Impossible Mission schon längst überfällig. Wer weiß, vielleicht kann Elvin Atombender auch dieses Mal wieder seine Haut retten...?
ST Format (Aug, 1991)
Impossible Mission 2 requires you to have arcade and puzzle-solving skills - and the two areas fit together nicely. Dodging the robots isn't simple - especially when you're trying to search a bookcase at the same time. And the puzzles are no walkover either. The graphics look as though they've been ported straight from 8-bit, unfortunately, and some of the samples are a little fuzzy, but there's still a lot to keep you interested and it's well worth the money.
Raze (Nov, 1990)
[Budget re-release] The graphics are smooth and colourful - just like the C64 game. Sound still contains the evil cackle and speech of Atombender welcoming you into his den. Despite being a re-release, it's still exciting and adds more than a sparkle to the present 16-bit budget range.
ST Action (Jul, 1988)
This sequel has been a long time in the making but it was definitely well worth the wait. All the atmosphere of the original has been retained and improvements made. The game also appears to be considerably harder with the advent of horizontally-moving platforms and new styles of robots. The scream as you plummet through the floor is even more chilling than the original, as are general game effects, such as the hum of the lift and the echo of footsteps. The original stood out as a classic on the 8-bits and this sequel preserves that reputation, as well as Epyx's brilliant track record of quality software.