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Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis: The Action Game Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Developer logo, seen on the ST for the last time
Main title screen
Intro: As Indy looks at the Atlantean statue, Kerner comes in.
Intro: Kerner knocks out Indy!
Intro: Kerner and Doctor Ubberman examine the statue.
Intro: Ubberman tests the statue... It works!
Intro: Indy and Sophia arrive at the casino in Monte Carlo.
Anyone know what this does?
Scene-setting screen
Starting point
Walking past a tree
A spot of fighting
Level 2 - The naval base.
Level 2 - Indy and Sophia arrive outside the secret Nazi naval base.
Level 2 - Avoid the guard tower search lights or get shot to pieces by the tower guards.
Level 3 - Naval Base docks.
Level 3 - Indy and Sophia are at the Nazi naval base docks.
Level 3 - Indy needs to hitch a ride on the Nazi sub.
Level 4 - The Nazi Sub.
Level 4 - Onboard the Nazi sub.
Level 5 - The island.
Level 5 - On an island, Atlantis may lie beneath this island!
Level 5 - Sophia explores the island.
Level 6 - Atlantis.
Level 6 - The entrance to Atlantis.
Level 6 - Atlantis is allready crawling with Nazis. Indy needs to move quick if he is going to stop them now.
Level 6 - Sophia explores Atlantis.
Level 6 - Atlantis is going to explode. Indy and Sophia need to escape the island.
Indy is missing... The game is over. I lost.
The high score list.