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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Lucasfilm Games title screen
Title screen
Indy having a talk with Marcus
Copy protection screen
Irene's office.
Indy in his office
Meeting Donovan in this cutscene. The dialog here is very much like the movie.
Where the cup that holds the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord resides forever...
Indy at his father's house
Indy looks at a painting at his dad's house.
Indy and Marcus en route to Venice
Meeting Elsa in Venice, Italy.
The Crusader's church turned library in Venice.
Indy investigating in the library
Consulting the Grail Diary
One of the books Indy finds at the library
The plaza in Venice.
Catacombs under Venice.
Indy in the catacombs
The catacombs lead into the sewer system.
Indy falls down a trap door.
Climbing up a ladder in the catacombs.
Indy uses his whip!
Indy makes his way down a pile of rocks.
Do those panels have something to do with that door?
Tombs in the catacombs.
The Knight's Tomb.
Indy finds the 2nd marker
Castle Brunwald.
Outside of the Castle Brunwald.
Evil Nazis in a cutscene.
Indy wandering through the castle
A room in the castle.
The kitchen in the castle.
The castle Brunwald has a lot of rooms.
Fistfighting with a Nazi guard.
Family reunion!
Title screen in monochrome
Dr. Jones on his way to a meeting (high resolution)
After arriving in Venice (high resolution)
Exploring the library (high resolution)