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Back of Box - DOS (Canada):
    So many battles... so much slaughter... and still there is no peace!

    The shadow of Chaos once more darkens the spires of the Citadel, for the evil spirit of Shandar seeks reincarnation in the vast body of the lord of Sith -- last and most powerful of the ancient Black Dragons.

    Ishar 3 - The Seven Gates of Infinity offers a role-playing adventure that surpasses its enormously popular predecessors: more than 100 characters with unique and life-like personalities (including animal companions). Ishar 3 also includes richly satisfying magic and combat systems with lush, spectacular night-and-day graphics, a challenging new time-travel feature, auto-mapping, extensive use of full-motion animated sequences, unlimited save-game facility and much, much more.

    The gates of Time are opening. Do you have the courage to pass through their mysterious portals?

    Contributed by jlebel (2207) on Mar 01, 2009.

Silmarils website:
    Remember... so many battles.

    But the hard fought for peace's too short-lived.

    A new shadow darkens the walls of the Citadel.

    A journey throught the Portals of Time in pursuit of the dragon of Sith, last survivor of the Great Black dragons.

    The third and Ultimate installment of the series, Ishar 3 features all the best features of the best RPG's : magic, dragons, combat, time travel, character creation, trading.

    But this is ISHAR 3 with its twisting plot, renowned graphics, unique character psychology, armies of mythical creatures, a whole chest of DIY spells : this game has more features than an old wizard has warts.

    You can reuse your battle toughend team from Ishar I or II.

    It is not necessary to have Ishar I or II to enjoy Ishar III.

    Contributed by POMAH (62350) on Nov 06, 2002.