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Play Time (Nov, 1991)
Das Fazit: Ein rundum gelungenes Programm, das außerdem mit einem erstaunlich niedrigen Preis von ca. DM 90.- überrascht.
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker is remarkable in any number of ways - it's a brilliant piece of programming, and an eminently playable simulation to boot. Snooker fans have never had it so good.
ST Format (Oct, 1991)
So, if you're bored with snooker, you're either watching too much non-interactive telly, or you're not playing this. It's more enthralling that a Steve Davies 147 break, weirder than Dennis Taylor's glasses and funnier than Ray Reardon's haircut. Get it now, but beware, you might have to "cue" for ages (groan...) [pages 72f]
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker is simply incredible, with super-fast, pixel-perfect scrolling 3D, and an ultra-realistic game of snooker to boot. Honestly, turn off the lights and shut the curtains and you'll believe you're the Whirlwind himself, in the smokey Crucible Theatre lining up that match-winning pot! Even if you, like me, are utterly hopeless at snooker, you can't fail to be hooked - in fact, just like the real thing, practice does reap its own rewards and you begin to instinctively discover the best places to hit the ball, when to put side on - you even have to chalk the cue! If you're the sort of person who likes prodding balls with a piece of wood, there is nothing - I repeat, nothing - to even come close to Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker!
The end result of such a comprehensive and realistic approach to recreating snooker is without doubt the most authentic and playable sports simulation ever seen on a home computer. It looks the same, plays the same and it's virtually impossible to find something you can do on a real table that you can't do here (short of tearing the cloth). The only omission would seem to be the absense of rest shots - no matter how awkwardly a shot is positioned, it's always reachable with a standard cue. That minor niggle aside, Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker is the ultimate sports simulation to date - and unless some bright spark devises a way to beam a holographic image of a snooker table from the ST into your front room, it's going to stay that while for quite some time.
ST Action (Mar, 1993)
Yep, it's a fine representation of snooker, it's just a pity snooker is as boring as golf really. Excellent if you like balls and pockets.
Seit ich 1987 zum ersten Male auf der britischen Insel Snooker spielte, war ich von diesem Sport begeistert. Mich persönlich konnte Snooker schon immer mehr als Pool-Billard begeistern. Mit Whirlwind Snooker lebt diese Leidenschaft nun wieder richtig auf, denn dieses Spiel hat all das, was eine gute Simulation des Sports auf dem grünen Tisch braucht: eine Menge Optionen, um auf den Stoß Einfluß zu nehmen, ein hervorragendes Handling und vor allem eine technisch einwandfreie Programmierung!
ST Format (Jun, 1994)
[Budget re-release] It's a lot of fun. The only problem is, you feel you should be practising intently in order to perform all those snappy curve shots, but instead all you do is zoom around the table and whack things as hard as possible. It's a game that lends itself more to a quick, silly, two-player blast than a serious competition, but there you go. Years old, but still the best game of its kind, and whether there is another game of its kind is neither here not there.