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Back of Box - Amiga & DOS (1987 re-release):

    In 1984, authoress Roberta Williams designed the original King's Quest to demonstrate the power and versatility of second generation computers. It became one of the industry's largest sellers. Hundreds of thousands of people have played the game - and loved it. Years later, it is still viewed as a cornerstone in the development of computer adventuring.

    In answer to the popularity and critical acclaim of King's Quest, Roberta Williams has created King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne. Romancing the Throne carries on where King's Quest left off - both in pioneering technology and in enjoyable game play.

    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne takes the technologies initiated in the original King's Quest and refines them into an art form. "It's like playing an animated cartoon," claims Compute! magazine. The animation and music in the game are unparalleled in the realm of computer adventure.

    In King's Quest II, Roberta Williams continues the saga of Graham, now King of the Land of Daventry. His quest is to rescue a princess locked away in a tower that is both miles and dimensions away. The adventure begins on a deserted beach, and will take the player to undersea worlds and into a vampire's castle. The answer to Graham's challenge lies behind a magic door and its three keys which unlock untold secrets.

    Players of the original King's Quest will not be disappointed in this second installment of the King's Quest saga. Consumer Software News writes "if you liked King's Quest, you'll love the sequel." Computer Entertainment reports that "Roberta Williams has simply outdone herself" and the Questbusters journal says that King's Quest II has "the most lushly painted and highly detailed scenery seen since...well King's Quest I." By mixing the best elements of text adventures and arcade quality graphics, King's Quest II establishes a whole new standard in computer gaming by which future games will be judged.

    Roberta Williams is designer of the King's Quest series. Over the last half decade, Roberta has worked closely with The Walt Disney Company and Jim Henson in the development of computer software. Her games have sold more copies than any other woman in computer software history.

    (captions) Enter the castle and sleep chamber of an evil vampire.
    Meet creatures from legend and myth.
    Have an audience with Neptune, the undersea king.
    Be careful, or you might end up in hot water.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76509) on May 02, 2007.

Inside Covers - PC Booter (1985 Release):
    Once upon a time, in a far-away land called Daventry, there ruled a King named Graham. A hero whose brave deeds had won him the crown, Graham ruled with a kind but firm hand, and the people of Daventry prospered under his reign.

    One day while contemplating the loneliness that had come to consume him, King Graham was distracted by a vision in the magic mirror which he often consulted. In it he beheld the most beautiful maiden he had ever seen. His heart felt as though it was ablaze. "Oh mirror wise," he inquired, "Where am I to find this fair maiden whom I vow to make my queen?"

    "The maiden Valanise of the kingdom of Kolyma is known for her wisdom no less than her beauty. The jealous witch Hagatha holds her prisoner in a quartz tower guarded by a wild and ferocious beast."

    "Where is this tower to be found?" inquired the king.

    "Search Kolyma for the keys that will unlock the three doors to an enchanted land," the mirror replied.

    King Graham queried as to the whereabouts of the keys, but no more clues were forthcoming. Undaunted, he shouldered his provisions and set out on the long journey to Kolyma.

    Go with King Graham, in search of the magic keys that will lead him to the fair maiden for whom he longs. Explore underground caverns, eerie towers, and ocean wonderlands.

    Faced with challenges that would intimidate those of lesser timber, you must summon all the strength and courage you can muster. Your perseverance shall be rewarded handsomely.

    Battle beings at whose very sight mere mortals cringe. Fear not, though. Remember, all that is right and good shall overcome. Besides, true love conquers all.

    You will encounter characters both mythical and magical - out of legend, folklore, and fantasy. Be wise in our judgement of them, for not all will share the values which are important to you.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76509) on May 02, 2007.

Back of Triple Value Pack Box - DOS (US):


    Explore the exciting second chapter of Roberta Williams' King's Quest series, the most popular trilogy on computers today. Picking up where the history-making King's Quest leaves off, King's Quest II is a delightful program that once again puts you in the boots of King Graham as he explores the vast kingdom of Daventry with its exotic characters and creatures. King's Quest II is the outstanding prequel to the blockbuster King's Quest III, an adventure of epic proportion which has become a major computer software hit.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76509) on Mar 26, 2006.

PQ2 Computer DataBase:
    Explore caves, eerie castle towers, and ocean wonderlands. Help King Graham unlock the secrets that will lead him to the enchanted maiden for whom he longs.

    Contributed by POMAH (53781) on Aug 13, 2003.

Back cover (original 1985 release):
    Enter the world of Sierra computer adventure. Here you must rely upon creativity and logic to unlock the mysteries of each adventure. Map skills will prove helpful, since our adventures contain hundreds of full-color images which can lead you in every direction.

    Each Sierra adventure provides endless fascination and intrigue, and requires several weeks to unravel. So muster up all your wit and perseverance, for this is a Sierra adventure--a challenge to your ingenuity.


    Animated adventures are a new generation of computer adventures from Sierra. They feature:

    • Animated characters that come alive. They walk, run, climb, even swim.
    • Incredible three-dimensional graphics. Watch as animated characters pass in front of trees, behind rocks, and around one another.
    • Optional joystick control. Use a joystick to guide King Graham around his fantasy world.
    • Multiple solutions/variable scoring. There's more than one way to solve each myster and overcome each obstacle. More clever solutions earn you more points. Play again and again, each time uncovering new twists.

    Journey with King Graham, inheritor of the Daventry throne. Help him unlock the secrets that may lead him to the enchanted maiden for whom he longs.

    Muster up all your wit and perseverance, for this is a Sierra adventure - a challenge to your ingenuity. (Editor's note: This sentence was indeed printed twice on the original box.)

    Contributed by Andy Roark (274) on May 19, 1999.