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King's Quest Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting location
Visiting the King
King Edward gives you a mission
You can examine objects you find up close
Swimming in a lake
The gingerbread house
Patch of clover
Graham finds a helpful friend
Graham encounters an old gnome (what's his name again?)
The woodcutter's humble house
Taking inventory
Climbing the giant beanstalk is harder than it looks!
Graham meets a big, bad wolf!
The dragon lies deep beneath the earth
Near a large tree.
Climbing up the tree.
Near a river.
A stone bridge is here.
A nasty little grump guards this bridge.
A door is here.
I'm trapped!
Walking along.
Title screen (Monochrome)
Starting screen (Monochrome)
The castle entrance (Monochrome)
The king (Monochrome)