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Mac Pan Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen and menu (monochrome monitor): select game mode and all options. The slider controls the movement speed of player and ghosts, adjusting the difficulty of the game
The first maze.
After eating a power pill (cross), the ghosts fade and are can be eaten! Let's hunt them.
After killing a ghost, it's remains must travel to the ghost house (centre of the screen) first, which gives you some additional time
The second maze: ghost on the bottom, long straight ways
Maze 3 has a more narrow design
The final frame of a single player game. Surrounded by very aggressive ghosts (it's level 2 as marked by "L: 2" at the top)
Three angry ghosts and one friendly one. And myself vanished.
Two player simultaneous mode: both player's sprite are looking identical and share the same reserve lives, but have individual scores
It seems player 1 is the ghost magnet. So player 2 has to clear the level
Instructions (German)