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Maniac Mansion Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen and main menu
The mansion and opening credits
Title screen
The starting location for a new game
Wouldn't you know it; locked.
Why is there a chainsaw in the kitchen?
A cut scene
Yes, the copy protected door.
Yet another locked door...
Green tentacle!!
Well, I guess you can't argue that point...
A mummy in the shower?
More of the foyer.
There's an old radio here.
The library.
Dining room complete with rotting food.
Weird Ed in a cutscene.
"Where's the cheese?!"
Art room.
Rec room.
Ad on TV.
Security protection for door.
The basement has a nuclear reactor - just like the basement of every evil genius bent on world domination should.
Checking out the circuit breaker.
Thought you couldn't die in a LucasArts adventure game? Think again...
Save / Load game menu.
Pipes under the mansion.
In the photography room.
Bernard uses Doctor Fred's radio to contact the Meteor Police.
Cut scene: Planet earth.
Cut scene: The Meteor Police.
Opening the lab door to Doctor Fred's secret lab.
Green Tentacle's room.
Hallway and stairwell.
Video game room.