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Mindshadow Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
The starting location
A hut
A warning sign for quicksand
I should not have tried to cross the quicksand...
Rocky cliff.
Wrecked boat.
In the jungle.
On the pirate ship.
Port side of the pirate ship.
Pirate ship's stern.
Pirate captain.
Buildings along the dock.
On Baker Street.
Outside Cafe.
In Rick's Cafe.
Dining room of Rick's Cafe.
Sleazy alley.
Seedy shop.
Dark alley. Not the best place to hang out.
Sleeping man.
Hotel hallway.
Room 202.
Street vendor.
Following a suspicious looking man.
A bank.
Outside bank.
Outside hotel.
Hotel lobby.
This guy shoots first and asks questions later.
He's dead, Jim!
Outside cave.
Inside cave.
Getting help from the Condor.