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Obliterator Reviews (Atari ST)

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Was soll man da machen? OBLITERATOR ist grafisch und soundmäßig perfekt, daß Spielkonzept akzeptabel – aber es ist fast unspielbar! Natürlich kann man sich auch an eine solche miese Steuerung und die schlechte Animation gewöhnen, aber solche Punkte müssen einfach bei einem guten Shoot-em-up stimmen, denn Action und Spannung heißt auch Schnelligkeit! Also Leute, sooo schlecht ist OBLITERATOR zwar nicht, aber für dieses Programm hätte ich eher als Grafik-Demo Verwendung.
Obliterator is not a bad game, the graphics and sound help make it above average, unfortunately it just doesn't have the challenge of previous Psygnosis programs.
ST Action (Jun, 1988)
Oh dear! Psygnosis must be running out of ideas, because this looks just like "Barbarian" in space. Loading, sports typically classy Roger Dean sequences and the game itself has very nice graphics with the metallic bas-relief backgrounds deserving a special mention. Animation is good, but when Drak gets stunned it tends to go on too long and soon gets monotonous. The burst scrolling is annoying and I would have preferred it to have been flip screen if full scrolling is not possible. For once, the music actually complements the game, adding atmosphere and making up for the minimal sound effects. The gameplay is very "Barbarianesque" and thus this game will appeal to anyone who enjoyed Hegor's quest and wants something similar to get his teeth into.
What really lets Obliterator down is the same set of problems that marred Barbarian gameplay. The screen flips excruciatingly slowly from location to location and the collision detection is appalling. Comparing a company's new game with one of their past efforts is unavoidable in Obliterator's case. Barbarian was hardly an outstanding game - and neither is Obliterator. Not surprisingly, the game's almost identical to the Amiga version. Sound is not as good as the Amiga version, but that's only to be expected.
Atari ST User (Aug, 1988)
When it comes down to it, Obliterator is really a large-sized character version of yet another platforms and ladders game. While I enjoyed Barbarian, Obliterator didn't spark any excitement in me, partly because the alien spaceship scenario has just about been done to death. This one offers little new.
All in all, I found myself enjoying Obliterator. The game is neither particularly original nor extremely difficult, but the graphics are well-executed and the action is plentiful. Pure strategists and exclusive adventure garners should stay away, but those who like action or want something colorful to showcase on their Amiga or ST will find this game to be a good buy. In other words, know what to expect and you will not be disappointed. After hours of conquest in obscure military campaigns or long days in dungeon corridors, a few minutes of Obliterator can be quite refreshing.