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Only! Valency Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen (640x480x16 colors)
Starting is green. We could add connected grey or blue to the left. Trying to add connected blue above would be a fault, as the column is blocked by the already added green
You can move the adding column to the left and right (as in the lower border also blue is selected, adding would be fine here)
Adding green would be valid (both greens)
A nearly finished board. But take a look at my fault score!
Some rotating is required in this level
Impression of a later level
Another high level
High-scores are possible in each level by taking the time into account
Being a beginner I only entered the high-score table in Solitaire ("So") mode
In both Tournament and Fallout mode you can set the time limit before the start
After playing some levels, the game ranks your success with an overall "IQ" value. Lower is better.