Out of This World Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Copy protection.
Title screen.
Arriving with ferrari.
Exiting elevator.
Working on something important.
Strange new alien world.
That looks dangerous.
Alien monster.
Now you are in trouble.
Hello friend.
You have a friend in prison.
My eyes.
Trying to escape.
Found a gun.
Protecting a friend.
Entering elevator.
Nice view from a window.
Recharging your weapon.
Killed by a spike.
In the tunnels.
Found a stairs.
Nice little waterfall.
You drowned.
One little mistake.
Watch out for deadly traps.
This trap has teeth.
Inside alien building.
What happen here?
Is this alien paradise?
Alien landscape.
Looks like there is an alien city in the distance.
A big ugly alien with a big bad laser.
Jail break!
In an alien tower.
Dropping down into some ducts.
Exploring an alien building.
These guys are trying to kill me!