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Platoon remains a tough game to play and the flick-screen on the PC adds nothing to aid your task. The ST scrolls quite well (although the game slows down dramatically when there are more than two soldiers on screen at one time) and high scores are thoughtfully saved to disk. Both versions should provide a long, hard slog before the final foxhole confrontation.
ST Action (Aug, 1988)
This is one of those games that you will buy and, like Xenon, wait impatiently for someone to come up with a cheat mode. The game itself is rather good, with the exception of almost 8-bit standard graphics and minimal sound - but the gameplay is there (something largely missing these days in software). However, it is so difficult the caption that goes with the game ("The first casualty of war is innocence") should read "The first casualty of Platoon is patience".
VCs leap on you from the forest canopy and booby-traps face you with impossible situations. Tough problems are always welcome, but inevitable deaths like these are just silly. Control are good though, even if the graphics aren't anything to write home about.