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Predator 2 Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Introduction: the night
Intro: as the Predator sees it
Game options
Splash screen
Level 1 introduction
Can you spot the predator? Look in the third window
Nailing baddies as they pop out of doorways
The three-dotted crosshair means the Predator is hunting, also
Nailed one in the alley (and, given the sinister red eyes, maybe two!)
Hit a screen-clearing bonus... rocket launcher, I think
Enemies jump out of a van... to their death at my hands!
Wrapping up level 1
First boss fight
Level 2 intro
Everything seems quiet enough here in the hotel...
I decide to do some redecorating. Look at that guy in the wheelchair speed out of here!
Getting up close and personal with bodyguards as we approach the luxury suites
Completing level 2
Level 2 boss fight
Starting level 3
The Predator is in plain sight here. Maybe the goons don't know, maybe they just don't care...
A train rolls through
Be careful shooting the lights down in the tunnels
... or you may regret being left with what illumination you have.
Finishing level 3.
On to level 4!
That Predator isn't even trying to hide anymore!
A charming bloody rain in the abattoir
A Predator decides to get a closer view
We're outnumbered, buddy
We must be approaching their home base
Coming soon to a PC near you: Alien vs. Predator!
Game over!