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Projectyle Reviews (Atari ST)

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ST Format (Jul, 1991)
Projectyle has some eye-scorching graphics - the pitch whizzes about smoothly and at phenomenal speed. The player graphics are nicely drawn as well. There are some superb sampled themes, though sound during play is fairly limited. Projectyle is another excellent budget buy. It's fun, fast and fantastic.
You might think at first that it's all mindless rushing around after the projectyle, but it only takes a few games to appreciate the strategic elements. This is a beautifully designed, colourful and extremely fast future sport - one that's going to take some beating.
ST Format (Jul, 1990)
The game stands head and shoulders above ball games such as Ballistix, which never quite held your interest. Fervent addicts of Speedball may feel there's too much luck involved and not enough player control. Nevertheless, Projectyle successfully marries the magnetism of Arkanoid with the speed of Titan to come up with one of the finest ST ball games ever.
The One (Jul, 1990)
Watch someone else play a game of Projectyle and it doesn't look like much more than a glorified version of air hockey with bells and whistles attached. It's only when you play for yourself that you appreciate its sheer speed, excitement and subtlety.
Projectyle ist mir von Anfang an ins Herz gewachsen. Selten habe ich ein derart packendes Actionsspiel futuristischer Machart "an den Joystick" bekommen, bei dem vor allem Geschwindigkeit Trumpf ist. Auch auf lange Sicht dürfte die Motivation gesichert sein.
Atari ST User (Aug, 1990)
Presentation is colourful and graphics smooth-moving and clear. Sound is well implemented and it's nice to see the ST's capabilities haven't been totally neglected. Projectyle is an enjoyable little game but one that doesn't really offer any long term challenge.
Many future sports games are violent, blood-thirsty affairs and Projectyle - Projectyle owes much to the old Grandslam game Xeno and the numerous slide-the-puck pub games. Inertia is great, as is the multi-player option, only increasing the simplistic attraction of this type of game. Playing on your own is nowhere near as much fun. if you can grab a couple of chums, Projectyle will certainty entertain you on a rainy summer afternoon.
Projectyle is a fast moving fun game. The idea is not that original - as Speedball, Ballistix, and similar fare will testify, but it is well executed. If you enjoy a bit of rapid joystick bashing which doesn't really put any strain on the grey matter, then this is for you.
Power Play (Aug, 1990)
Sportspiele haben meist bekannte Disziplinen als Vorbild: Mit der Nachahmerei einer "echten" Sportart hat das britische Team "Eldritch the Cat" (bestehend aus zwei Programmierern und einer Hauskatze) wenig im Sinn. "Projectyle" ist ein Sportspiel, bei dem es um eine Sportart geht, die es noch gar nicht gibt. Ähnlich wie bei "Speedball" wurde das Geschehen in die Zukunft verlegt. Acht kosmische Stämme mit so vertrauenserweckenden Namen wie "The Terminators" spielen in einer Liga um den Projectyle-Titel.
Projectyle would be just another "Rollerball" rip-off if it weren't for the flavor that is added in terms of individual players with ratings in 6 statistics, unique home fields with personalities of their own, and special effects objects that add twists to the game play. Combine this with "coaching" the players in one's tribe to different playing field locations, fretting injuries, and trying to beat the mighty Devils (especially in their home court), makes this a game to be reckoned with and replayed often.