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Racer 2 Credits (Atari ST)

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Racer 2 Credits


Programming (Code)Laurent Sallafranque (Thadoss / DUNE)
Graphics (GFX)Templeton , Calimero , Laurent Sallafranque, Mic
Musical RessourcesAxel of Brainstorm, cTrix , Vomit , Juha Kujanpää (as Dizzy / CNCD), Linus Elman (as Probe/Razor1911), Niko Nyman (as Strobo), unknown composer, Dan/Picco, Credo/Anathema, Raphaël Gesqua (as Audiomonster/Melon), Mateo Pascual (as Evelred/Darkness), Junky John & Olaf, XTD , Henrik Juhl (as Slide), Ronny Nordeide (as Mr. Man/Absence), Compo at TP6, Bishop , Manfred Linzner (Pink of Abyss), ‑tmt designs‑, Sascha Michael Theel (as smt), Jens Gonska (as Alc'o Hole / Smash), Patryk Gegniewicz, Dominique Berger (as ST Mixes), Jazzfunk
Intro Sequence sounds & sound polishingXerus
Mega thanks goes toTempleton (who did a huge and great work in this new version of racer)
Also big thanks toCalimero
Thanks to theAuthors of the Musics and Images

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jo ST (24070) and リカルド・フィリペ (214619)