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Racer 2 Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Loading image
Intro with a driving lady
Title picture
Main manu
Championship. Most of the tracks are still locked. You start at the lowest tier, but can select the difficulty on each start
The tracks have individual loading pictures. In this case, the "Dark Castle" track is loaded
The camera is flying to the start in an impressive animation
Waiting for the start
On the top of a hill, and the signs are warning about a curve. Good my speed is not too high at the moment
Driving downhill. On the last position of the eight drivers, I have a good overview of the race (little joke)
The tracks are decorated with lots of additional graphics on both sides of the road
In my greedy mood, I was going for the bonus item and crushed in the barriers off-road
Result of a Challenge mode race
On the opposite, the "Casino" track is quite colorful. In the arcade mode, you have to avoid the cars coming from front