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Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover - Commodore 64:
    Based on Tom Clancy's heart-pounding, best-selling novel of World War III. From MicroProse, the masters of personal computer simulation.

    Suddenly, war erupts between NATO and the Warsaw Pact! In the Atlantic, Russian subs and surface ships race to sink America's convoys. You have what it takes to stop them -- the awesome power of an American nuclear attack submarine. And the training to make it work.

    You've mastered the incredible technology of the sensors and read-outs, missiles and torpedoes on your boat. Your mind crackles with the intricate strategies and tactics of modern submarine warfare.

    The Russians listen underwater for every move you make. Stay quiet as long as you can. Strike when you get the chance. Prepare for action, Captain. You're in for the work-out of your life!

  • Select from 11 scenarios (1984 to 1996), including the full Red Storm Rising Campaign game with unlimited battle situations.

  • Command any of 5 American submarines against 36 types of Soviet ships, subs and helicopters.

  • Control 5 sonar and radar systems, 5 types of missiles and 3 versions of the programmable, wire-guided Mark 48 torpedo.

  • Watch the strategic map of Western Europe to see how your successes affect the NATO effort to repel the Warsaw Pact.

    Contributed by Demian Katz (2316) on May 03, 2004.

MicroProse Product Catalog "Face to Face With Excitement" :

    The magic of Tom Clancy's best selling book "Red Storm Rising" will soon be available on your personal computer through the creative genius of MicroProse game designer Sid Meier. Meier has been working closely with Clancy's strategic collaborator to produce a realistic simulation of the high-tech warfare between the superpowers. Look for it in early '88.

    Contributed by PCGamer77 (3233) on Jun 25, 2002.

MicroProse Entertainment Software Catalog (1992):
    Tom Clancy and MicroProse join forces for the most challenging military simulation ever. Red Storm Rising makes you an American nuclear attack submarine commander during World War III, charged with keeping the North Atlantic clear of Warsaw Pact forces. Includes 11 different scenarios, five types of radar and sonar for tracking and firing, five different U.S. sub classes and 37 different Soviet warship classes.

    Contributed by Zovni (10644) on Jul 02, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    Based on the Tom Clancy novel Red Storm Rising, the game will make you an American nuclear attack submarine commander during World War III, charged with keeping the North Atlantic clear of Warsaw Pact forces, so that supplies and reinforcements can reach the European mainland. There's no time for mistakes. Every encounter requires an intimate knowledge of your ship: every battle pushes your patience, determination and fighting spirit to the limit.

    Contributed by Shawn McDonie (15) on Jun 15, 2000.