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Unfortunately the price of this progress generally seems to be a rigid gameplan for dealing with alien attacks, which are identical from game to game. This need for precision, and the rather limited amount of blasting involved, make Return To Genesis fiddly. Yet at the same time the outstanding graphics make success in reaching new levels very rewarding. In conclusion, Return To Genesis is a worthy addition to the ranks of a well-worn computer genre.
Atari ST User (Jun, 1988)
While your adventures on the Zephyr worlds take place a typically energetic musical soundtrack hammers along, interspersed with zapping noises and explosions, and the odd sampled phrase. Technically, Return to Genesis is stunning, but it is very difficult. For those who can think and react fast enough it represents one of the finest arcade blasts yet to grace an ST.
ST/Amiga Format (Aug, 1988)
Genesis is to Defender what Jinks is to Breakout; namely a sophisticated horizontal scroller that shifts like there's no tomorrow. The game has moved firmly away from wire frame animations and is blessed with solid fills.
ST Action (Jun, 1988)
The quality of the alien dog fighting, the speed of the graphics and the host of bolt-on weaponry make this one of the most playable ST games I've seen. As for the graphics and sound. Well, what would you expect from messers Bak, Lyon and Whitaker, other than top-quality, near arcade standard backdrops, scrolling, sprites and effects. The game is desperately hard and despite being quite proud of my RTG prowess I have only managed to reach level 6. And how does it compare with likes of Xenon and Hades Nebula? - Well it's good, but it's not that good!
RETURN TO GENESIS ist zwar kein ASM-Hit (ging knapp vorbei), wenn auch vom Technischen her alles stimmt. Dazu fehlt einfach noch so das „gewisse Etwas“. Dennoch ist RETURN TO GENESIS genau das Richtige für die .‚Uridiumlose“ Zeit. Aufgrund der besonderen Gemeinheiten und Schwierigkeiten von RETURN TO GENESIS dürfte die Motivation wohl für längere Zeit erhalten bleiben. Kommentar vom Ballerexperten Ottfried Schmidt: „Einfach mörderisch!“
Power Play (May, 1988)
Obwohl spielerisch auf Dauer nicht viel passiert, macht mir das Programm Spaß. Dafür sorgen der anspruchsvolle Schwierigkeitsgrad, das Herumexperimentieren mit den Extras und vor allem die technische Qualität.
Happy Computer (May, 1988)
Technisch brillantes, sehr schweres Action-Spiel. Viel Grafik, aber spielerisch auf Dauer nichts Neues.
Smooth, fast (too fast, perhaps?) and with some nice sound effects and music, it's a very professional piece of programming. Niggle points - apart from the utter unoriginality - are the relatively small area of screen available for the action itself, and the rather overdone rebound when your ship hits an obstacle.
Return to Genesis is a pot-boiler which doesn't really improve on any of the myriad shoot 'em-ups for the ST.