Rick Dangerous 2 Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Title screen.
Level 1 - Hyde Park.
The spaceship entrance.
Kick the buttons to disable traps.
You can kill the robots with electric gun or dynamite.
Crawl to avoid laser guns.
Climbing on the pipe.
Hidden room.
Level 2 - The ice caverns of Freezia.
The circular saws.
Some floors are covered with ice.
Watch out for snowballs.
Another secret room.
You can send a dynamite to kill viking at lower level.
Level 3 - The forests of Vegetablia.
Destroy the rocks with dynamite.
Almost every treasure is trapped. Look carefuly what you're doing.
City in the trees.
Level 4 - The atomic mud mines.
Jump on the tram or you will be killed in acid.
Last level