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Rings of Zilfin Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Copyrights for Atari ST version
Main Menu
Night is coming to Village of Sham
Reis, main protagonist, runs out of his house
Dzomon, who wanted to kill Reis, is upset
Start of your travel
Inventory screen
Shooting the bats with arrows
Walking on the road. Monk, who may bless you, and mushroom, which you may collect, are present on your way
Entering Telbiz, the first town on your way
Visiting the store
In the inn
Fanatic worshippers attack you in the Temple of Lord Dragos. Prepare to defend yourself and find valuable item in the Temple.
Can you spare a gold for Beggar?
Fighting with bandits on the road
In Ziad
In weapon's shop
Fighting with Sandgus in the Desert of Sysvol
Spiders attack in the Feldor South
Fighting with Demondi on the Bridge of Irmak