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RoboCop Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Splash screen
Title screen
Starting level 1
RoboCop's boot sequence
RoboCop can jump!
Enemies die when running, lemming-like, into RoboCop... both he and they flash green
Armed and ready
Shooting diagonally up at snipers in the windows
Firing a triple-shot against a grenade-hurling assailant taking cover behind destructable crates
These snipers are getting out of hand
Firing off a final triple-burst at my old enemy...
What would RoboCop be without ED-209 as his foil?
Finished level 1!
On to the next stage...
A shooting gallery bonus game!
Next up, level 2
Combat goes fast and furious here in old Detroit
Gathering a weapons power-up
Level 2's boss fight, thugs atop a van
High score table